6e mois européen de la photographie Berlin




  • Maren Lübbke-Tidow, “Showing Something We don’t See. Rays of light and leaps of time through the European Month of Photography Berlin”, 6.th European Month of Photography,  p.10-23 et p.216, Kehrer verlag, 2014.


(…) One area of focus in the works of this year’s European Month of Photography Berlin is the exploration of Europe’s borders. (…) The images of the Chilean-born Hungarian artist Mari Mahr and the French writer, psychologist and photographer Lydia Flem can be regarded as additional examples of this : Mari Mahr’s photo montages convey how closely a personal biography can be interwoven with the after-effects of migration and political unrest. In her assemblages, objects and rooms facing one another enter into a dialogue; the images tell the story of her parents’ emigration to escape Nazi persecution, of her mother’s socialist leanings, and the father’s intellectuality. As a photographer, Mari Mahr remains in the position of the inquiring child, lending the objects in her pictures a life of their own. She conjures the sound of remembering imbedded within them, their historicity, ‘survival’, and continuance into the present.

The objects in Lydia Flem’s still lifes, which she wants to be understood as portraits, are also taken from the interior world of personal memory (voir la photographie “Libération”, 40×40 cm, extraite de la série Pitchipoï et Cousu main)


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