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Sur le divan

La Voix de l’analyste

Jewish Modernity, “Freud, Judaism Essentiel and Mysterious”, Princeton Press, 2016.

« When Sigismund Schlomo Freud turned seven, his father, Jakob, opened the family Torah for him. The biblical story he presented for Sigmund to read was from the remarkable bilingual German-Hebrew edition, the Israelitische Bibel. The stories in this edition were illustrated and included commentaries by the Reform rabbi Ludwig Philippson in the spirit of the Aufklärung, the Judaism of the En- lightenment. This exceptional version of the Bible is subtitled Den heiligen Urtext, and for Freud this first book of stories and images was a fundamental, founding text. »

(translated by Catherine Temerson)

Original français inédit : S.Freud, un judaïsme essentiel et mystérieux

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